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‘Dia de la Hispanidad’ & Officer Installation

October 26, 2014

A fundraiser to benefit the continued preservation and year-round community programs that support Spanish Louisiana history in St. Bernard Parish will take place next month. The Los Isleños Historical and Cultural Society will host ‘Dia de la Hispanidad’ at the society’s museum complex grounds, 1357-1359 Bayou Road, from 2 p.m. to 6 p. m., Sunday, October 26th. The celebration of Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the New World on October 12, 1492 is commemorated as the National Day of Spain. Tickets for ‘Dia de la Hispanidad’ are $50 per person and can be purchased by contacting Rhonda Rodriguez Hannan at (504) 615-9322 or Lena Torres Nunez at (504) 491-5266.


All aspects of the Los Isleños Museum Complex, its historic homes, museums, recreational pavilion and the nature trail will feature exhibits, brief lectures and educational and historical research video presentations.


For 34 years, the Los Isleños Heritage and Cultural Society has painstakingly preserved and presented historical documentation in all media venues of colonial Louisiana history, specifically, the founding of St. Bernard Parish by Canary Island settlers in 1780.

In conjunction with St. Bernard Parish Government, Los Isleños Society has utilized its resources to benefit St. Bernard Parish’s quality of life while fulfilling the society mission of simultaneously preserving the Isleños identity and St. Bernard Parish history. The society sponsors and supports year-round projects including:

  •  Los Isleños Annual Fiesta each March
  •  Research and education exhibits open to the public
  •  Annual museum days for school children
  •  Canaervon Bass Fishing Tournament
  •  600-page authentic Isleños recipe cookbook
  •  Student education scholarships
  •  International and national Spanish culture conference participation
  •  Multiple Sister City agreements in the Canary Islands
  •  Isleños Christmas Extravaganza
  •  Year round maintenance of grounds museums and historic village buildings, in concert with Parish Government
  •  College internship opportunities


Year-round donations to the society are welcome to continue its mission of preserving the Spanish language, legends, crafts, customs, folklore, rituals, music and history of Spanish Isleños heritage.


The Los Isleños Heritage & Cultural Society Museum — Headquarters
1345—1357 Bayou Rd. 70785; St. Bernard, Louisiana
Phone: (504) 277—4681
E-mail: losislenos2011@gmail.com
Isleños Heritage and Cultural Society is dedicated to preserving the Spanish language, legends, crafts, customs, folklore, rituals, music and history of our Spanish Isleños heritage by: maintaining an Isleños museum and multi-cultural village; promoting an annual student of Isleños heritage; and promoting annual Museum Days, a three-day event, to give students hands-on knowledge of the early Isleños and their way of life. Click on a link above/below for more information.
Visits to The Isleños Museum are welcome.
  • It is opened Wednesdays through Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00pm and by appointment by calling (504) 277—4681.
  • The Ducros Museum's Phone: (504) 676—3081/3098.
  • The Museums are closed on all federal holidays.

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