March 07, 2016

2016 Islenos Scholarship

Dear Senior Counselor/Student/ Parent(s)

Applications are being accepted for the Los Islenos Heritage and Cultural Society’s 2016 Scholarships(2 will be awarded this year) for $1,000.00 each. To be eligible, one must be of St. Bernard Parish Islenos descent and a 2016 High School graduate with at least a current grade point average for their High School academic career of 2.5. A transcript, including first semester of senior year, must be included in order to be considered.

Each applicant must complete an application showing Islenos descent and submit a 500 word essay entitled “What My Islenos Heritage Means to Me”. All essays are judged by St. Bernard Parish School Board administrators.

Enclosed you will find applications, rules of the scholarship, and notices. Additional copies can be made as you need. The deadline is April 04,2016. If you have questions call or preferably text Jerry Glen Estopinal at (504) 722-5746.

Mail applications or hand deliver them to the Islenos complex by April 04, 2016:

    Jerry G. Estopinal, Scholarship Chairman
    C/O Los Islenos Complex
    1345 Bayou Road
    St. Bernard, LA 70085

Please provide your senior(s) with this information.

Jerry G. Estopinal, BA, JD




  Los Islenos Heritage and Cultural Society is offering two $1,000.00 Scholarship for a 2016 graduating senior of St. Bernard Islenos descent. Islenos are descendants of Canary Islanders who settled in St. Bernard Parish between 1778 and 1783. The winners of the scholarships will be determined by the two best essays submitted entitled, “WHAT MY ISLENO HERITAGE MEANS TO ME”. This 500 word essay must be submitted by the required deadline which is April 4, 2016. Additional copies of the application and rules may be made as needed. If you have any questions, you may contact Jerry Glen Estopinal at 504-722-05746, preferably by text message to expedite a response.

1. Applicant must be of St. Bernard Parish Islenos descent.

2. Applicant must be a 2016 High School Graduate with a GPA of at least 2.5 A transcript including first semester of senior year, must be submitted with the application to be considered.

3. Application must be completed and in full (type or print) showing Islenos descent of applicant.

4. A 500 word essay entitled, “WHAT MY ISLENOS HERITAGE MEANS TO ME”, must be submitted with the application.

5. It must be no less than 10 words more or less than 500 words. Name should appear only on the application, no identifying names should be used in the essay. The essay will be marked with an number to facilitate judging. Any application or essay submitted which is not in compliance will not be judged. Applications will be kept by the Scholarship Committee.

6. The deadline is April 04, 2016. They may be hand delivered to the address given below, or sent by mail. They must be postmarked by April 04, 2016.

7. Address to:
    Jerry Glen Estopinal, Scholarship Chairman
    Los Islenos Heritage and Cultural Society
    c/o Islenos Complex
    1345 Bayou Road
    St. Bernard, LA 70085

8. All essays will be judged by administrators from the St. Bernard Parish School Board.

9. The check will be made payable to the winners and the college of the student’s choice.

10. The Scholarship winners will be awarded at the winner’s school awards program, and they will be required to attend a summer Islenos meeting to be greeted by the membership.

Laura Sullivan proudly presents a former
Scholarship award to Christian Serigne.