Los Isleños Heritage & Cultural society will celebrate its 37th annual festival March 16 and 17, 2013 on the grounds of the Isleño Museum Complex, 1345-1357 Bayou Road in St. Bernard Village.  The historic Isleño Village, situated in the rear of the Isleño Museum will once more be the setting for a series of living history demonstrations featuring folk crafts, historic vernacular life styles and the cultural identity of the Isleño descendant’s community in St. Bernard Parish.  Representatives of the Houma Nation will again figure prominently in Fiesta ’13, interpreting the history, culture and folk traditions of the Houma Tribe.

This year’s Canary Island entertainment will feature DOMINGO RODRIGUEZ ORAMAS, well known in Spain and throughout Europe as “El Colorao”.  He is one of the most famous Timple player in all of Spain.  He performed at the 1999 Isleños Fiesta and has postponed several performances to be with his Isleño friends in St. Bernard.  The Timple is a musical instrument indigenous to the Canary Islands.  He will bring with him a guitarist, Pedro Manuel Calero, a singer, Althay Paez Ramos, and Jose Rodrigues Quintana, a decimero, singer of Decimas.  Decimas are traditional, narrative ten stanza songs that have been popular in Spain as far back as the Middle Ages and they still are today. This is very fortunate for the Society as decimas are a dying folk art in our community today.  The last decimero in St. Bernard was Irvan Perez to whom the DUCKS, DECOYS AND DECIMAS EXHIBIT is dedicated.  The group will perform in area schools prior to the Fiesta.  Additional entertainment will be provided by Bobby Cure and the Summer Time Blues, The Top Cats, Julio and Cesar and Harvey Jesus and Fire.

Los Isleños Village consists of seven structures: Isleño and Ducros Museums are original to the property.  The Coconut Island Barroom, the Estopinal House and its separate kitchen, the Esteves House and the Cresap-Caserta House are historic buildings that have been relocated to the museum complex by the Isleños Society. The Trapper’s Cabin was built by Calvin Melerine.  Each building will be utilized for displays which will include farming, trapping, trawl making, basket weaving, lace making and quilting.  The Isleño Center will be the site of interpretive presentations discussing the Isleño Culture including duck carving, Decimas and more.  Rides will be available for all ages on the rock parking lot where you usually enter the complex.

            There will be shuttle service to the Fiesta with parking available at the Old Courthouse and Gauthier Middle School on the Judge Perez Extension.  The shuttle will run to Creedmore and make the turn there.  Shuttles will pick up walkers along the way.  There will no parking on the Museum grounds except for crafters and volunteers.

            A Three dollar admission fee will be collected from everyone 12 years or older. This fee is necessary to defray the cost of entertainment and insurance.  Please pay at the entrance gates on Bayou Road in front of the Isleno Museum and Judge Perez at the rear entrance of the Complex.

            Parish President, Dave Peralta, and Society President, Lloyd “Wimpy” Serigne, will open the Fiesta on Saturday, March 16 at 11:00 A.M.


Dot Benge, Fiesta Chairman            504-554-8412

Ryan Fink, Publicity Chairman         504-650-1010

Lloyd Serigne, President                   504-251-6322

Rhonda Hannan, Food Chairman    504-615-9322

Videos from: Fiesta 2012 YouTube Video Dance * 2012 Interviews, Youtube.
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