Isleño Fiesta Held March 8 and 9, 2014

A Celebration of Louisiana's Spanish!

Tickets $3 ♦ Under 12 Free ♦ Free Parking & Shuttle Rides
Isleño Fiesta 2013

Los Isleños Heritage and Cultural Society celebrated its 38th annual Isleño Fiesta on March 8 & 9, 2014, on the grounds of Los Isleños Museum Complex, located at 1345–1357 Bayou Road in St. Bernard Village. The Isleños Historic Village, situated to the rear of Los Isleños Museum, was the setting for a series of living history demonstrations featuring folk crafts, historic vernacular lifestyles, and the cultural identity of the Isleño descendant's community in St. Bernard Parish. Representatives of the Houma Nation figured prominently in Fiesta 2014, interpreting the history, culture, and folk traditions of the Houma Tribe.

Los Isleños Historic Village consists of seven structures. The Coconut Island Barroom, Estopinal House and Kitchen, Esteves House, and Cresap-Caserta House are historic buildings, which were relocated to the museum complex by Los Isleños Society. During the Fiesta, each building and the surrounding grounds was utilized for displays which included farming, alligator hunting, trapping, boat building, trawl-making, basket weaving, Teneriffe lace-making, and quilting. The Isleños Center was the site of interpretive presentations discussing the Isleños' cultural identity, including folk remedies, historic farming, and the history of the Houma Nation.

Los Isleños Heritage & Cultural Society seeks men, women, girls, and boys of Canary Island descent to participate in the Heritage Programs. Saturday, March 8, at 11:30 a.m., the Senior Program (ages 20+) was also held. The Junior Program (ages 13-19 yrs) and the Isleñitas (ages 5-12 yrs) took place on Sunday, March 9, at 11:00 am. The contact person for registration was Kathy Ziegler. (see contact information below).

 For more information, contact Fiesta Chairman Rhonda R. Hannan at (504) 615–9322 or Fiesta Co-Chairman Kathy Serpas Ziegler at (504) 494–5848 Additional information about Los Isleños Heritage & Cultural Society is available at

St. Bernard Parish President, David Peralta, and IsleƱo Society President, Lloyd "Wimpy" Serigne, officially opened the Fiesta 2014 Saturday, March 8, at 11 a.m. A three dollar entry fee was charged for everyone twelve years of age and older. Saturday's entertainment included Senior Heritage Program, Chalmette Jazz Ensemble, VIVAZ, Voodoo Gumbo,and Alexes Aiken. The Isleñitas and Junior Heritage programs, Ovi-g & the Froggies, Groovy 7, and 90 Degrees West also performed Sunday, March 9. Below was the scheduled entertainments.

Date & TimeEvent
Saturday, March 8
Opening Ceremonies – Senior Heritage Program
Saturday, March 8
Chalmette Jazzband
Saturday, March 8
Saturday, March 8
Alexes Aiken
Saturday, March 8
Voodoo Gumbo
Sunday, March 9
Isleñitos & Junior Heritage Program
Sunday, March 9
OVI–G & the Froggies
Sunday, March 9
Groovy 7
Sunday, March 9
90 Degrees West